Michaël Cailloux Printmaker, Jeweller - Paris, France

 Your work is often called jewellery for walls discuss this in relationship to your work?

I decided to call my sculptures “Wall jewelry” because I have always dreamed of having jewelry on walls… It’s like a childhood dream. I am fascinated by the Art Nouveau jewelry and work of René Lalique.  That’s why I learnt the craftsmanship of jewelry, because I wanted to have jewels in my apartment. At first it was just for me… I make no concession in my work I am doing what I like without asking questions … Everything starts from the observation of nature in general , and I also am inspired by old illustrations by redesigning my way … I have a sketchbook and I felt drawn to anything that inspires me : plants, insects , frogs, amazing birds …

N°6 © Rodolphe Baras

  Image by Rodolphe Baras 

Can you explain how you use of a bocfil saw in your art?

I use it to cut the copper plate . This is a saw that can be used vertically and which allows for the detail … The bocfil saw is used in jewelery and decided to exploit it by etching to have the same finesse and precision. In fact it is a misuse of the technique.

N°3 © Rodolphe Baras

Image by Rodolphe Baras 

Expand on the technique you use to create your walled Jewellery?

For my wall jewellry, I use the copper plate that I used to make my etchings at high water. Once I realized my etchings, I do not throw my copper plate. I worked with artisanal techniques for a hybrid object between sculpture and jewelry. I reappropriate the copper sheets used to print my etchings by working them according to classic jewel making techniques: bow saw, internal and external cutting, embossing and chiseling.

N°4 © Rodolphe Baras

Image by Rodolphe Baras 

How did the ‘mouches’ become a part of each work?

I’ve always been attracted by insects since childhood and particularly flies. They intrigue me and I find them attractive insofar as they come always disturb the eye. So I decided to make my memory about whether animals in the paintings of the Renaissance or the piece of taffeta that arose women on their faces in the 18th century to reveal their mood !

Example : http://images.google.fr/imgres?imgurl=http://s3.e-monsite.com/2011/03/15/08/resize_550_550//mouche.jpg&imgrefurl=http://donarussia.ek.la/histoire-de-la-mouche-au-xviiie-siecle-c18369161&h=550&w=472&tbnid=VyN-ri7xmUKfPM:&tbnh=97&tbnw=83&docid=NLTCV-Vb5Pr2QM&client=firefox-b&usg=__m1pqYwwt_jN10sGcONwJMkhiEhY=&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwib8eTI4ZPOAhVFNhoKHSH0CA8Q9QEINTAD

mouche You also use your initial sketches to create other works, e.g. scarves discuss two of your scarves and their designs.

There are two that I particularly like because everyone told me they are unexpected : Forbidden Fruitsalad and Florilege.

N°10 Silk satin scarf -Salade de fruit

Forbidden Fruitsalad, Silk Satin Scarf.


Playing with colors is a passion for me! For these two scarves I am very pleased with the colours  During my studies I was taught to be a colourist and I enjoy making vibrant colours to highlight the drawings. In Forbidden Fruit salad, I wanted something greedy and for Florilege I wanted it sparkles like fireworks, an explosion of colors.


I want them to tell a story! Forbidden fruit salad tells the story of a garment we can never eat and Florilege, it’s a mix of all my bugs, it’s a little story of my passion, as an anthology.

N°9 Silk satin scarf -Florilege

Florilege, Silk Satin Scarf


I make the boarder as a frame because I want my pattern are like paintings!

Printing onto fabric

Yes I print on 100 % silk

You also have a collection of wallpapers, discuss the importance of repeats in your wallpaper designs.

Wallpaper, Fragment – Infinite I turn the use of the classic wallpaper … I create all my wallpapers like paintings for tell stories. The size is 40 x 50cm. Originally they are not made to cover entire walls… I realize the “real” wallpapers only on a customer order.

N°11 Wallpaper fragment-Lace

 Wallpaper, Fragment – Infinite

Expand on the combination of two skills, jewellery and etching and how this combination came about?

In fact, I’ve always liked high water etching and I felt pity to throw the copper plate. In my studio I looked for a way to showcase the plate. At first I was using zinc. And soon I had the idea to train myself to the art of jewelery for the wall jewels that I always dreamed of. I like the colour of copper and the fact that I can give him. I want us to be doubt over the date of the object as if it came from the past.


‘Cicada Head’

Take your etching ‘Cicada Head’ and explain this piece.


28 X 40 cm

          Number if prints (limited editions)

4 edition

          Paper use for the printing

White Hahnemühle paper

          Insects included

cicadas, beetles , bees and fly

             Flora included

I draw flowers that do not exist. I manage to obtain hybrid, I mix different varieties.

N°17 Etchings- Dragonfly


Can you explain the comb shape that appears in many of your etchings?

These are my first pieces… It is because I love the combs including those designed by René Lalique. It was my first source of inspiration. I love the combs, there was a beautiful museum in Paris, which has just close.



Can you take us through the link between Anax imperator – wall jewellery, Dragonfly -Etching and Lace – wallpaper and how one has led to the other.

N°15 Etchings- Anax imperator

 Etching, Anax Imperator

In fact, my work begins with the drawing. Everything starts from the observation of nature in general, and I also am inspired by old illustrations by redesigning my way … I have a sketchbook and I felt drawn to anything that inspires me : plants, insects , frogs and Dragonfly… I can spend days drawing, and even nights.

N°14 Wall Jewelry- Anax imperator

Wall Jewellery, Anax Imperator

I then glue this drawing on a copper plate to cut by hand, according to conventional techniques of the art of jewellery : Anax Imperator. Before, I print the plate in the technique of high water etching : DRAGONFLY. For wallpapers, I scan my drawings of my wall jewels computer to adjust, repeat patterns and put the connector : Lace.  Wallpaper.

N°11 Wallpaper fragment-Lace

Fragment Lace.Wallpaper,

What are you currently working on?

I do not know to stop 😉 I work a lot on the subject and body of the spider while adding insect and plant. In September I start my first umbrella collection, large paintings wallpapers 150X110CM and new big scarves 120X120CM


Image by Rodolphe Baras

Discuss the importance of Exhibitions to your artistic growth.

These are unique pieces or very limited editions. It is important to the stage for the release for public knowledge. It allows you to meet people who appreciate my work and want to work with me. For example, some galleries then sell my wallpaper or my scarves. Some clients ask me to perform the wall jewel they always dreamed of. exhibitions also force us to renew and propose new creations!

N°21 Etchings- Spider


Contact details.

Michaël Cailloux


Michaël Cailloux, Paris, France

Interview by Deborah Blakeley, August, 2016