Joe Ganech Digital Collage - Brussels, Belgium

I first came across your work with Winston Churchill staring out at me.  Expand on several of your works where you have used famous people?

I like to realizing creations of celebrities and sharing my artistic vision by recreating a particular atmosphere around the character that I have chosen.  Sometimes a characters are underestimated by the younger generations. I hope that I can introduce the character to all with a modern look.

I like the idea of taking an underestimated character and to urge the public to inquire, who was the character?  The creation of Churchill is a good example…


Churchill, digital collages, 25 x35cm original, Prints 125 x 135cm

I like to think have my creations get people asking themselves new questions and to go further in their searches. My creations are only a part of the way… I try to open doors that will lead the public to look differently at what they know.

With work, such as Audrey H what aspects do you need to know about?

The face, it’s fragility, it’s sweetness they are the drivers of this creation. Audrey shared it with public and I wanted to respect this vision of her even.


Audrey H, digital collages, 25 x35cm original, Prints 125 x 135cm

Another of your work is simply of a young woman, it is her huge glasses that draws us in.  Discuss.

I realized this creation by thinking of women who wear glasses and who are not always represent wearing their glasses. These immense glasses gave a certain modernity to the face and I knew that this creation would be a contemporary and modern composition.  I see her as a modern woman who invites us towards the future.  She takes us towards tomorrow. She is to guide us, help us ….  I like this simple and futuristic creation.

Girl with the pink glasses

Pink Glasses Girl, digital collages, 35 x35cm original, Prints 125 x 125cm

Tell us about your new work – series using feathers?

I live in Belgium and many of my creations are influenced by the Belgian artist Magritte, or by the Spanish artist Dali.  I like very much this surrealist universe.  My creations with feathers are one extensions of this surrealist universe.


The Need for Your Look, digital collages, 25 x35cm original, Prints 125 x 135cm

I have no explanation it came to me as a vision which I then created. I let the public made his own opinion, even make him think.  Feathers replace the look and the eyes of the characters, Why? I do not know it is an unconscious way of inviting the public to consider them in a way spiritual, from another angle, even differently.


The Messenger – Alpha, digital collages, 35 x35cm original, Prints 125 x 135cm

Can you take us through the process you have used to work ‘Paperboy’?

I have created “Paperboy” by thinking of the children who distributed newspapers in the 1920s.  This period was very difficult for them and for the adults too.  I admire their determination to win some money to survive.  I wanted to try to show it in “Paperboy”.  The look of the character, everything is very powerful, is says so much in these eyes.


Paperboy, digital collages, 25 x 35cm original, Prints 125 x 135cm

 My character in the “Paperboy” is in front of a reality, in his look you can see that he has lost his childhood innocence, that the world which surrounds him is hard. But nevertheless he is determined to fight. The background of my creation is everyday life.

Discuss your landscape work. (The Bridge of Central Park)

The Bridge of Central Park is an invitation to walk, to take time to enjoy the simple things of life.


The Bridge of Central Park, digital collages, 25 x 35cm original, Prints 125 x 135cm

Central Park is immense but nevertheless in this city of agitation it exists as a place where people can be in nature.  Central Park is an island in the agitation. I want my creation through ” The Bridge of Central Park ” to invite the public to cross this bridge to leave the agitation of their existence. Central Park is only a place, while it is important to live and take advantage of our existence. Central Park is the park which is in away from your home, not just in New York. The idea to cross a bridge, to breathe and relax is universal.

Another landscape ‘Atomium’ is more surrealist expand on this?

I live in Brussels and the Atomium is obviously in my city and my life.  I wanted to pay tribute to this well known Belgian monument both surreal and abstract manner.


Atomium – 58, digital collages, 25 x35cm original, Prints 125 x 135cm

You have your work printed in may formats from beach towels to fine art prints.  Discuss the process you take and the importance of having your work

The support is not very important; I think the important thing is to share good work with others for their pleasure.  It is important to have the work seen in different spaces and places.   My creations are of good quality and that people who buy them are happy to look at them and to have them.

Can you discuss your Ballet collection?

I worked on this series after a client asked me to create a customize piece for his daughter who dances.

I do not know the world of dance, but I really loved make these creations


Where did you find the ballet dancers?

In a dance book, plus I was inspired to make my own creations.


Ballerinas, Digital Collage, digital collages, 25 x35cm original, Prints 125 x 135cm 

How you decide on the composition?

I never decided in advance, I create my composition at the moment, I am an artist who works in the moment.

Explain about your own personal artistic journey?

A day is never the same, I like to change my habits, I do not like routine, I always test surprised by offering good work.

Expand on your thoughts on the value of social media to you?

Today it is very important to be present online, I try to offer my creations on several social media but no social network will replace direct contact with people.  I like to meet people who like my work and hear their views.

The Angel of the Hope

The Angel of the Hope, digital collages, 35 x 35cm original, Prints 125 x 125cm

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Joe Ganech

Joe Ganech, Brussels, Belgium

Interview by Deborah Blakeley, June, 2016