Ivan Lardschneider Sculptor - Val Gardena, Italy

During 1999 – 2004 you worked as a Journeyman can you explain that this involved?

During this time I worked under two different masters. One worked with religious sculptures and the other made modern-baroque sculpture. While working in these two areas, I realized that I should allow my imagination to run wild. Maybe if I did I would begin to produce something that no one else has done. I would become my very own artist. As far as I know there is no other artists working with plants to carve Stylart.


This is a completely different type of work. Can you enhance on this part of your art?

Yes that was done during my time as an apprentice under my master. We made these sculptures, religious statues of saints of every size and style …

You exhibit you’re work internationally. How important do you find exhibitions for your artistic growth?

This is very important to exhibit internationally, because you learn so much from a lot of different people who come for other cultures. It is so important for a young artist to gain this experience and to be able to do it in such a short time. I find it very rewarding to be represented in many exhibitions. Currently my work is in four galleries in Italy, Miami and Germany.

Your work is very much your own.

Yes, that in my aim.

Can you discuss the material and size of your work?

The material that I use is Linden Wood and I can get it in varies sizes.

Material : Linden Wood

The sapwood of basswood is smooth white to pale brown, while the heartwood is a smooth white to more of a pale pink-brown in colour. The species has a straight and fine grain. The wood is of a fine and uniform texture

Size : my plants are between 15 cm and 220 cm high


Can you please expand on this piece?

‘Opss’… that tells you when something falls to the ground, and in this case the head is dropped and I will pick it up again because it is very difficult to exist without it in position.

Was it made for someone or for an exhibition?

No, basically I’m doing almost all my work and it is this – just as the ideas come to me – in the head.

The choice of materials you use – how do you make this choice?

I work with wood, the wood is lime, and sometimes with bronze but this is already a precious material. Other materials I will use as I maybe in the next few years as the whim takes me.

Boy with a Water Ring’

Can you tell us about this piece?

I made this piece several years ago but it is still interesting as it goes into the meaning of pray. Children pray differently from adults, they are not as aware as perhaps we adults are. They do not know what they are really meaning.

Can you explain about Nadine?

I made this piece from a photograph in a special Stylart. Is it 45cm.

What are you currently working on?

Currently I am working with different materials, quite different plants like these ones where I use wood and add other objects such as “Lego” and gold.

Can you take us into your studio and explain your tools and the area you work in?

My studio, it is very light, with beautiful views of our mountains.

I work with wood, and my tools are designed for using with this materials; scalpels, saws and many wood rasps.

It is after I have a good idea that I am able to create. I am always working simultaneously on several at a time and it appears to become at times like a factory waiting to the pieces to be finished.

I always take photographs as the work is finished and put the photos on Facebook or other sites. This allows me to have a huge audience out there and I am happy to present my work to the world. It is so encouraging if viewers out there write or click. Please if you see something new from me always respond.

Contact Details:

Larciunei, 6 – 39048 Selva / Wolkenstein

Val Gardena / Gröden – Italy

Tel.(0039) 0471 342204

Email: info@ivanart.it


Ivan Lardschneider, Val Gardena, Italy.

Interview by Deborah Blakeley, August, 2013