Alesandro Ljubicic Painter - Sydney, Australia

Alesandro at his easel

Explain how your relationship with Sean Cook (Sydney florist) began?

Our working relationship began when Sean enquired about one of my paintings that was in the window of Art2Muse Gallery, which is directly opposite Sean’s florist. We then met and started discussing the idea of a collaboration.

Discuss how your large current floral paintings have developed since meeting Sean Cook?

Since working with Sean, my way of viewing floral arrangements has changed dramatically. Sean has introduced me to flowers in such amazing colours, textures and shapes, and what makes them even more amazing is the way Sean skillfully puts them into beautiful arrangements that I could only dream of.

How did you and Sean work together for your latest exhibition at Art2Muse in Sydney?

Every month Sean and I discussed ideas for colour palettes and shapes for my next painting. From here Sean would take what we discussed and come back to present me with an amazing arrangement (which never ceased to blow me away!) I would then begin sketching and coming up with idea on how I would best represent my take on Sean’s marvelous creation.

Inspiration comes from many places. Can you discuss the connection between the marriage of George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin and your flora painting?

This was actually just a simple coincidence! About a week after I finished painting that particular painting, the photos of George and Amal were shown around the world.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how similar the composition and palette of Amal’s dress was to my painting so I had to share it!

Your works ‘Jaune Violet’ and ‘Naples Italian’ are very different from your current floral paintings. Discuss how you have developed your work?

My new work is more exciting for me as it’s created with more emotion, which I express through large, bold, gestural marks.

Expand in the technique you have developed by layering paint to create a 3D effect?

The key to the 3D effect is to keep adding more layers of pure oil straight out of the tube with minimal mixing to keep the colour vibrant and clean.

Discuss the importance of winning the ‘William Fletcher scholarship and an exhibition at Xavier Art Space propelled your art career?

Winning really gave me a confidence boost and made me realize that art in this country is so well received and respected by all, and it made me see that I wanted to be a part of it.

You have also started The Sydney Art Store, this must be similar to being a kid in a lolly shop! Can you discuss this?

You have hit the nail on the head! It’s exactly like being a kid in a lolly shop, but don’t be fooled, I still have to pay for the paint!

Your studio is above your business, how do you separate your time?

From 9am-6pm every day, I work with other artists at The Sydney Art store to help them solve the issues in their work while at the same time relating my work back to theirs. In the evenings I get away from this and move to my studio where I spend several hours on my own paintings.

Discuss your colour studies and the relationship with a particular painting?

The colour studies for me are very important as they give me answers to how paint can be sculpted whilst at the same time gives me an understanding of how certain colours work together.

Alesandro using colour

Can you tell us about the Archibald Prize?

In 2013, I was lucky enough to be working with George Gittoes while he was in Australia.

For me this was so, inspiring as I wrote essays and studies about Georges Art whilst in High School and to have an opportunity to be working with him side by side in his studio was beyond anything I could ask for.

The Archibald Prize is regarded as the most important portraiture prize in Australia. It was first awarded in 1921 after the receipt of a bequest from J. F. Archibald, the editor of The Bulletin who died in 1919. It is administered by the trustees of the Art Gallery of New South Wales and awarded for “the best portrait, preferentially of some man or woman distinguished in Art, Letters, Science or Politics, painted by an artist resident in Australia during the twelve months preceding the date fixed by the trustees for sending in the pictures. Source: Wikipedia

Contact details.

Alesandro Ljubicic
940 Bourke St
Waterloo, NSW 2017

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Alesandro Ljubicic, Sydney, Australia

Interview by Deborah Blakeley, February 2015