Get to know artists and their work.

Weekly interviews with artists from around the world – Deborah Blakeley peels away the multiple layers to each artist, even the ones you may know. She has a knack for asking the deeper questions and looks forward to sharing this weeks artist with you.

Trung Pham Huy Photographer

Trung Pham Huy

Stunning photography, brings culture, traditions, and love of Vietnam alive.

Zoneone Arts brings Trung Pham Huy to you…

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Caroline Bailey Painter

Caroline Bailey

Colour brightens up all our lives, enjoy.

Zoneone Arts brings Caroline Bailey to you…

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David Edmond Painter / Textile Artist

David Edmond

Talking very frankly about his, diverse range of art.

Zoneone Arts brings David Edmond to you…

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Björk Haraldsdóttir Ceramic Artist

Björk Haraldsdóttir 
Ceramics full of shapes and patterns.
Zoneone Arts brings Björk Haraldsdóttir to you…

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Chris Motley Textile Artist

Chris Motley
One stitch at a time and see where it leads
Zoneone Arts brings Chris Motley to you…

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Penelope McMorris Photographer

Penelope McMorris
Seeing things, through the eye of a photographer
Zoneone Arts brings Penelope McMorris to you…

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