Get to know artists and their work.

Weekly interviews with artists from around the world – Deborah Blakeley peels away the multiple layers to each artist, even the ones you may know. She has a knack for asking the deeper questions and looks forward to sharing this weeks artist with you.

Aino Kajaniemi Textile Artist

Aino Kajaniemi, Jyväskylä, Finland

The study of colour using tapestry.

Zoneone Arts brings Aino Kajaniemi to you…

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Olivia Hickey Jeweller

Olivia Hickey, Tasmania, Australia

The impact of the Tasmanian landscape influences Hickey’s jewellery.

Zoneone Arts brings Olivia Hickey to you…

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Deborah Blakeley Zoneone Arts Interview

Deborah Blakeley with the inside story of Zoneone Arts. I do hope you enjoy reading about Zoneone Arts and thank you all for being such a major part of its life.
After completing 300 interviews with global artists.

Zoneone Arts is delighted to share the story of Zoneone Arts with you...

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Robyn Stacey Photographer

Robyn Stacey uses historical collections by metamorphosis, into photographs.

Zoneone Arts is delighted to bring Robyn Stacey to you...

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Preston Singletary Glass Artist

Tlingit cultural heritage is kept alive in glass by Preston Singletary.

Zoneone Arts is delighted to bring Preston Singletary to you...

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Damian Callan Painter

Scotland and its youth dart by us, thanks to Damian Callan's art..

Zoneone Arts is delighted to bring Damian Callan to you...

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