Get to know artists and their work.

Weekly interviews with artists from around the world – Deborah Blakeley peels away the multiple layers to each artist, even the ones you may know. She has a knack for asking the deeper questions and looks forward to sharing this weeks artist with you.

Happy New Year Zoneone Arts welcomes in 2019.

What a wonderful year 2018 has been with 50 artists interviewed from around the world.
Zoneone Arts is already working on interviews for 2019.
We look forward to sharing more amazing artists in 2019.

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Freya Powell Floral Painter, Sydney, Australia

Freya Powell brings sophistication through flowers, to canvas.

Zoneone Arts brings Freya Powell to you…

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Chien Wei Chang Metal Artist - Bournemouth, UK

A love of silver has lead Chien Wei Chang’s metal art to test the boundaries of both East and West – bringing perfect harmony.

Zoneone Arts brings Chien Wei Chang to you…

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Nancy Newmen-Rice Painter - St Louis, USA

Through lines, geometry, windows, parquet floors, staircases, contemporary buildings,  gothic cathedrals, both internal and external, Nancy Newman Rice showcased them all in her art.

Zoneone Arts brings Nancy Newman Rice to you…

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Christine Aaron Mixed Medium, Porchester, NY, USA

Making her mark in paper and wood with amazing effects.

Zoneone Arts brings Christine Aaron to you…

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Reiko Miyagi North Carolina, USA - Ceramic / Jewellery Artist

East meets West and Reiko Miyagi produces new ceramics

Zoneone Arts brings Reiko Miyagi to you…

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