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Zoneone Arts brings Karen LaMonte and her exhibition Floating World

“In all cultures clothing is an unspoken language. But the Kimono is perhaps the most codified. Every element of its design, the sleeve length, the Obi and the way it is tied is highly significant.” Karen La Monte

Zoneone Arts is delighted to bring Karen LaMonte to you…

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Rather than ask Karen LaMonte to repeat herself by answering my questions Zoneone Arts knows you will be enthralled by watching the video as Karen captures and fascinates your attention through this Video about her exhibition, ‘Floating Worlds’.  Karen has taken the form of the Kimono and used three mediums, clay for its humility, bronze for its tradition,  rust for its transitory and glass because it embodies the contradiction of presence and absence.

Karen LaMonte spent a total of eight years building the whole body of work that she called Floating World.

Taste of Thunder

Taste of Thunder, life size

Floating World — The mezmerizing kimono sculptures of Karen LaMonte

Enjoy the next 6 minutes as you learn about this wonderful artist and her work.



Zoneone Arts was excited to be able to share this video with you…

Contact details:

Karen LaMonte, USA

WEBSITE    http://www.karenlamonte.com/

Interview by Deborah Blakeley, October, 2017


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