Christmas Greetings From Zoneone Arts 2015

Zoneone Arts is delighted to bring you Christmas Wishes

Zoneone Arts is delighted to bring you Christmas Wishes

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Robin Redbreast

  Image: courtesy: Ailsa Black, “Robin Redbreast”


With Christmas and the New Year almost upon us,

it’s time to enter into the spirit of things, unwind, and have fun.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported Zoneone Arts by reading and sharing great Zoneone Arts interviews with artists from around the world.

Please keep reading and sharing.

Full summary of 2015 available on www.zonearts.com.au

28th December 2015 to 3th January 2016

From Zoneone Arts, wishing everyone seasonal cheer and merriment.

In Conversation with Ailsa Black, http://zoneonearts.com.au/ailsa-black/

All interviews by Deborah Blakeley



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