Get to know artists and their work.

Deborah Blakeley’s interviews peel away more layers to an artist, even the ones you may know. She has a knack for asking the deeper questions and looks forward to sharing this weeks artist with you.

Tasha Lewis Sculptor - New York, USA

Tasha Lewis explains how she showed her art around the world.  The Swam went from the South Pole to her home city, New York.

Zoneone Arts brings Tasha Lewis to you…

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Ian Hodgson Graphite Artist - Brighton, UK

Graphite has been used in art since it was discovered in 1564.  Ian Hodgson’s graphite drawings take us into the 21st Century.
Zoneone Arts brings Ian Hodgson to you…

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Deborah Kruger Eco / Textile Artist - Mexico / USA

Deborah Kruger’s inspiration is taken from bird migrational patterns.  Kruger’s work is a story, interwoven with beauty, glamour and a social conscience.
Zoneone Arts brings Deborah Kruger to you…

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Sean Flood Painter - New York, USA

Music, impacts on Sean Flood's art, depending on the rhythm or beat playing as he paints. We are aware of movement and sound in all his urban landscapes.
Zoneone Arts brings Sean Flood to you...

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Trudi Harley Painter - Melbourne, Australia

Don't give up your dream to paint - Trudi Harley testifies to this, proving the need to paint exists.  Harley paints with honesty and maturity, finding a safe harbour in her art.
Zoneone Arts brings Trudi Harley to you...

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Belinda Fox Painter - The Netherlands

Travel influences Belinda Fox's art.  Living in Singapore brought bright colours, while pairing back colour in The Netherlands.  Belinda Fox causes great enthusiasm and eagerness in her work.

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