Get to know artists and their work.

Deborah Blakeley’s interviews peel away more layers to an artist, even the ones you may know. She has a knack for asking the deeper questions and looks forward to sharing this weeks artist with you.

Belinda Fox Painter - The Netherlands

Travel influences Belinda Fox's art.  Living in Singapore brought bright colours, while pairing back colour in The Netherlands.  Belinda Fox causes great enthusiasm and eagerness in her work.

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Neville French Ceramic Artist - Victoria, Australia

Sumptuous-lavish, luxurious, opulent, magnificent, resplendent, lush, lavishly… These words only begin to introduce you to Neville French’s ceramics.

Zoneone Arts brings Neville French to you…

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Eleanor Bolton Jeweller - London, UK

Sailors, Scouts and Girl Guilds all know about knots, now Eleanor Bolton uses historical knotting and coiling techniques to make contemporary jewellery. Eleanor Bolton keeps these traditional crafts alive and relevant, while pushing the boundaries in her jewellery.

Zoneone Arts brings Eleanor Bolton to you…

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Tessa Bunney Photographer - North Yorkshire, UK.

I adopt the growing practice of slow journalism, which advocates sustained relationships between photographer and subject, working closely with local people to enable more meaningful and complex stories about landscape and development to emerge.

Zoneone Arts brings Tessa Bunney to you…

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Chris Kettle Painter - Brighton, UK.

It's good to be exposed to as much art in our formative years as possible, it gives a sense of perspective of who we are and where we can go, as artists. I feel I have a good basic knowledge of Art History and tend to respond more instinctively than on any great academic level.

Zoneone Arts brings Chris Kettle to you…

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Kate Nixon Glass Artist - Canberra, Australia

Contemporary glass communities are often formed around open access studios like the Canberra Glassworks and the JamFactory in Adelaide, so resources can be shared. The roots of Canberra’s glass community lie with the ANU Glass workshop founded by Klaus Moje and the visionary makers that came out of that program who fought for a facility that would give makers in Canberra a place to work once they were out of the academic program.

Zoneone Arts brings Kate Nixon to you…

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