Get to know artists and their work.

Deborah Blakeley’s interviews peel away more layers to an artist, even the ones you may know. She has a knack for asking the deeper questions and looks forward to sharing this weeks artist with you.

Denise Faulkner Painter, NSW, Australia

Nostalgia and Nature are captured together.

Zoneone Arts brings Denise Faulkner to you…

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Jessi Wong Printmaker, Melbourne, Australia

Rolls and scrolls, of paper and printing.

Zoneone Arts brings Jessi Wong to you…

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Pippin Drysdale Ceramic Artist, Western Australia

An award-winning artist whose, scrutiny of the landscape provokes the patterns and colours of her ceramics

Zoneone Arts brings Pippin Drysdale to you…

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Pete Sack Painter - North Carolina, USA

Sack shows and explains how he creates his images through his seven stage process...

Zoneone Arts brings Pete Sack to you…

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Ray Besserdin Paper Sculpture Artist - Melbourne, Australia

With years of working with paper, Ray Bisserdin's paper truly becomes sculpture.

Zoneone Arts brings Ray Besserdin to you…

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Muffy Clark Gill Batik / mixed medium Artist - Florida, USA

Takes the old craft of batik; into contemporary art, giving it a new life.

Zoneone Arts brings Muffy Clark Gill to you…

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